Thursday, October 29, 2009

What are we doing tonight?

One of the things that tends to happen when I log on during a raid night is I'll get several whispers asking me, "What are we doing tonight?"

In Ulduar, the question wasn't brought up. Of course we'd whack our way through the instance, and whatever boss was still up we'd work on killing until the boss couldn't be kilt any more.

Since 3.2 arrived, many guilds are faced with multiple possibilities:
- Some people want to spend more time in Ulduar. They want to kill X boss or complete X Hard Mode. Those achievements are just dangling there! Or there's a few pieces of gear they could still use (WTB Fragments!).
- Some would prefer to farm regular TOC/Ony/VOA 10 and 25 man, while others want to focus on Heroic difficulty T9 content.
- Others want to mix some of the above with other content, like Sarth 3D for the mount or the few trinkets/items that are still very good.

Trying to keep 30 raiders happy when they have 29 (there's that one significant other who's just there to raid with their partner) different sets of priorities can be frustrating and a difficult juggling act. Of course, it's quite impossible to keep everyone satisfied.

Unless you have a guild that raids 6 days a week, there's lots to do, and not enough time to do it in. I raid for 8 hours a week. We have to pick what to do....

How would you resolve it? And what would you leave undone?


  1. Being a guildmaster myself I would have to agree with the amount of choice for gamers. The guild is pretty easy going as I am a casual gamer.

    Hitting lvl 80 brought with it so much:- the possibilities or trying to solo older content that I have not seen as I am not a vanillia wow-er, running heroics to grind emblems for better gear, running raids for better gear again, taking part in Wintergrasp (still the best PVP place) and then also boosting my lower lvl guild members.

    I try my best to organise raids or events but it gets very annoying if people then dont make the effort to attend. Maybe its better I am a casual gamer as if I had to deal with being the Pappa Guildmaster everyday I go mad :D

  2. ;) Indeed, it can be quite a challenge!

    My guild does push 'endgame' content, but right now we're also doing Ulduar and the occasional other raid - both in an attempt to keep people happy and things fresh, but also because there really isn't that much content right now (TOC being so much smaller than Ulduar).


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