Monday, October 26, 2009

I was a meanie....

I've never been booted from a pug before.
In 4 years of playing wow.

.... it was a relief when it happened yesterday and saved me making the decision to leave and appearing the jerk, although apparently I was the jerk anyways.

I had already run the heroic daily - Violet Hold - on Hinenuitepo with a guildie and pugs. All three of us dps did over 4k dps, and the run was fast and easy. I then hopped on Hinetitama and was invited quickly to a pug to heal. From the start, things were odd, but I thought it might work out. I looked at the warrior - as I usually do - and he had a mix of appropriately tanky blues and epics and a prot spec. Fine. Instead of standing on the portals and thunderclapping, however, he stood well back and charged when the mobs spawned. Unusual, and mildly annoying because they initially agroed a random party member, but doable. Then I noticed the pally was pulling threat - he was dpsing in rightous fury. I mentioned it, and he turned it off. We were getting the mobs down just as the next portal opened, but I didn't think much of it.

Then the first boss came - the one with the nasty shroud of darkness. Naturally, the pugs didn't dps the adds when they got the shroud, and eventually the damage overwhelmed my ability to heal. I popped my earth elemental who tanked for a while, but eventually we died. Before the wipe, I remember wondering, 'how long do I have to keep this up? Isn't the boss dead yet?' and seeing he was at 40%. So on the run back I check my recount. The mage was doing 1900 dps. Not bad. But he's in full epics, including several pieces of 10-man TOC gear and Ulduar gear. Ugh. And the tank, and other two dps are all doing 1000 dps. 1000. (okay, the rogue was a little higher, but not much).

1000? Dang. I did 2000 on my DK the first week of Lich King in Violet Hold. I just did over 4500 dps on my DK a few minutes prior and yes, that's almost more dps than my entire failpug combined. How does a rogue and a pally in a mix of blues and epics do 1000 dps in Violet Hold?

That was when my inner jerk came out and I posted the recount dps in party and asked: 'Seriously'?

I admit, that was a snotty thing to do. I'm not proud of it, but I was partially in shock. I really couldn't believe it. I'm accustomed to the occasional newer player in poor gear doing 1k dps and being dragged along, but a whole party? Even the mage, in gear that should have been doing at least 3k dps if not more.

So, next thing I know the mage kicks me from the group.

Hmmm, ok.

I /say "ok, well, I can miss a day of completing the heroic." /wave, and leave the instance.

The mage whispers me and says, "sorry, but you aren't a team player." Some discussion ensued, but none of it was positive, so I won't repeat it here.

I'm not a team player. >.>
Ok, I did point out the recount dps of the group. An oft-maligned practice and jerk move. I can understand why the group didn't like their performance being posted (in party though). I also started the instance run at the beginning after the group stood around for several minutes, apparently to the dismay of the group.

Ah well. I guess I was a meanie.

Why can't I feel bad about it?


  1. Some people, they're just strange.

    Look on the bright side. Being kicked saves your repair bills. And you weren't the meanie :)

  2. Definitely not worth sticking around, I just don't like being the jerk.

    I actually wasn't very nice, but in this case it probably had the best outcome, and the group got to be mean as well. ;)

  3. You would've had to do a hell of a lot more to be a "meanie" in my book. You merely pointed out a flaw, and most people tend not to like to realize that they are wrong.

    Sure you could have said "pick it up a little bit DPS" instead of "seriously?", but that really does not classify you as a horrible person.

    Oh well, just put them all on /ignore and you won't have to deal with them again in another PuG.

  4. Ignore is a good tool, although a guildie of mine pointed out that it fills up fast! He adds them as a friend, then notes "terribad" on the comment (using altoholic) so he knows never to invite them. :)


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