Monday, October 26, 2009

DK Basics: Runic Power

In a raid the other day, a guildie whispered me, "How does your runic power always stay full?"

As most of you know, your runic power (rp) decays very quickly, and as you're waiting to engage a boss, any rp you have will disappear if you just sit there. Now, you don't need to have 100 or so rp at pull - you only need about 40 rp to ensure your rotation is intact. However, I like to Death coil a time or two from range along with my Icy Touch while I charge into melee range. Over time, the damage adds up.

So, a quick tip or two on how to keep your toon full of Runic Power.
- CONSTANTLY hit Horn of Winter. Whenever you get out of melee range, hit HoW. When running between trash, hit HoW.
- When waiting for a boss pull, I:
  Horn of Winter, Death & Decay, Blood Tap, and Bone Shield (if unholy) all on cooldown. This allows you to quickly build rp and keep it high between/before pulls.

I'm so accustomed to it, that I even hit HoW while running through Dalaran! :)

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  1. Hey that was my question! Yeah I am a noob but got to learn sometime.
    Besides getting smacked in the face by a boss make you forget stuff...


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