Friday, October 30, 2009

Raid Bloopers Indeed

Sorry, Tamarind.
Apologies, Sylly.

I  had a truly epic fail that put you guys to shame yesterday! Not that I wanted to.... >.>

I took a day off work to attend my little ones' parent teacher conferences, and most of the day was taken up with running errands and doing little things around the house. But an hour before the conferences, I was able to sit down and take a break.

I figured I'd work on Hinetitama's enhancement set, since at least some of the time our alt runs have a plethora of healers, and having the flexibility to contribute a little dps would be nice. I haven't dps'd on Hinetitama since I leveled her enhance.... so I was clueless. I picked up a few pieces of gear, gems, and enchants and headed to the dummy to try things out. I still have greens and blues holding me back, but I start to feel a little comfortable swinging my mug and my hammer.

Naturally, that's when my guildies ask me to heal VOA 10.

"I can't," say I, "I have a parent teacher thingie to go to in 20 minutes."

"Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls" they say. "You can just come for the first boss and then leave."

Reluctantly I agree and they instantly summon me to Koralon's face. I hit my resto spec button. I hit my outfitter to switch to resto gear. I notice that my weapons didn't swap - but that's happened before, so I manually equip my shield and HTOC dagger, and away we go.

I felt like I was really having to spam my assigned tank to keep him up through meteor fists (those hit hard.... hmm, tank must be squishy - he's the only pug in this run).

Fight's not over yet.... mana dropping. mana tide gogo...... mana low? mana pot. OOM? WTH?

That's when my raid leader says: "UMMMM HINE, why are you healing this with all your enhancement gear on?"

OHDAMN, outfitter didn't put a single piece of resto gear on for me!!!!!
I just healed VOA10 with only my resto dagger, shield, and helm (since I have no enhance helm), and a heck of a lot of agility!!!!


Fortunately, most of my guildies were not squishy at all, and we made it through.... ;)

Yet another reminder, no matter how rushed, check gear, check spec, check buff!!!! Oh my, I feel silly. :)


  1. I suggest a quick change of perspective (courtesy of Snotty)

    You can heal in your enhancement gear because you're IMBA ;)

  2. Hinen, just noticed you should move your 'post archive' up to the top-right, and demote the links. Swap their locations.

  3. Right, Tam.... right....
    (or maybe, just maybe sometimes I'm an idiot)

    Will check it out, thanks Gravity


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