Friday, October 2, 2009

3.3 super early advance reactions

By now you've checked out the Icecrown Citadel maps and info.
Suh - weet!
This looks like an epic 5-man like we haven't seen since..... well since.... well, vanilla wow? I wasn't even playing until BC, so I don't have a comparison point. I enjoyed a number of the 5-mans in Burning Crusade, and I admit to really enjoying the first time I stepped into both the Nexus and Old Kingdom. I like most of the LK 5-mans, honestly. Too much of the time we don't stop to look at the artwork and focus on just getting through the instance, killing the mobs/boss, and /collecting the loot.
This new instance looks wonderful to me so far. Better, really, than perhaps any 5-man I've seen at an appropriate level. Epic comes to mind.

For DKs, the good news is there's almost no news. During this first year since Lich King was released, we've gone through more adjustments, tweaking, and changes than your grandmother's prescription list. I'm ready to just settle down for a bit and 'be' a Death Knight for a while. I'm pleased with the reduction of aoe damage to pets, and the stoneskin gargoyle change makes sense. Otherwise, hopefully we don't end up with major mechanic-modifying changes in 3.3.

I can't wait for more info on the Icecrown raids!


  1. Well, the little bit of news for us so far is likeable to say the least.
    DW version of Stoneskin Gargoyle? Yes please, now DWers do not need to sacrifice stam gems/enchants in order to hit the dcap!
    Desecration lasting for 20sec, hot stuff for sure!

  2. True enough, PC. :)
    Although, most dps specs are hitting blood strike often enough, it's still nice to have more leeway on that big buff.


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