Monday, October 19, 2009

Let There be Theorycrafting: TLDR

So you don't want to wade through the 'nerdspeak' on the previously linked forums?
Try it, you'll like it!

Ok Ok, there's a lot of info out there. Maybe too much.

I'll give a quick rundown of recent discussions/info.

Dual Wield: Unfortunately, not many optimists out there regarding Unholy DW. Most are saying it will be dead in 3.3. For Live though, there are several variants that are still getting play. The frost tree clearly invites dual-wielding, which I've covered before. Frost DW is likely to be fine in Icecrown. The DC-spam build I've also discussed. A third option, a Scourge Strike dual wield build seems to be doing fairly well but tends to test out slightly lower than 2-handed SS specs. I don't plan to test it myself in the near future, but if interested you may want to give it a try.

Unholy 2H: The changes to Scourge Strike for 3.3 are very unstable. My advice, wait out the PTR testing to see where it stands. On Live, it's doing very well. I'm leaning towards staying unholy on more and more fights - given 4pc T9 unholy gets the most out of disease crits. In 10-man content I'll stay unholy throughout often as we may not have a boomkin for the magic debuff.

Blood: I'm growing more and more comfortable with the Glyph of Disease spec. Key on fights with movement; refresh at or below 3 sec on diseases unless an event is coming that will take you out of range (on Northrend Beasts, refresh before switching to snobolds, just before a Jormungar spin or an Icehowl knockback, etc). Losing your buffed diseases and having to refresh with weaker diseases = lose.

Sims: Kahorie's and Rawr aren't bad, but they require downloads and aren't very friendly to those less computer savvy. Also, support on Macs requires additional effort. Still, they've very powerful. The new Team Robot has tremendous potential (I've taken it for a spin) but it requires some debugging yet. Once it gets working, I suspect it may be the first choice in the future. You read it here.

The Tankspot thread I linked has a lot of really good basic DK info, some of which I've covered here - and am likely to discuss again. But yes, it's quite good, as is the info at the other sites I linked (but no 'new' info for me to summarize here).

Other tips: Just had someone last night still confused: Army of the Dead - use it love it know it! If you're unholy, you can target your AOTD, use it more often, and in more situations. If you don't have the master of ghouls talent, you can't target your army and you don't know what they'll attack. BOSSES ARE NOT TAUNTABLE. But lots of elite trash in instances are. AOTD also may break cc (Faction Champs). So be careful. They represent great dps burst and are fun!

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