Friday, October 9, 2009

Killing Time: Blogs on Wowing

I like what some other bloggers are doing in terms of linking other blogs with one or two lines of commentary, so I thought I'd give it a try here. If any of the articles pique your interest, click away and see what you think!

Wowenomics advises looking to make gold with the fishing profession by not just slavishly following the suggestions of others (, Mmo-Champion, etc.), but by examining all aspects of the food chain - both cooked and uncooked. In particular, dragonfin is still profitable because it isn't affected by the fishing daily. Go fish more dragonfin - so I don't have to! :)

Love achievements? Hate em? WowGrrl has been trying to get moar pets, moar pets!

Not the golf cart of Death! Tamarind kills me laughing with tales of his first brush with Ulduar.

Grats to the Gobby on a successful year of posting! I've read it since its inception and the Greedy Goblin is always interesting. Morally gray, yes. Wrongheaded often (but oh so sure of himself) yes. But Gevlon's brand of blogging is entertaining, and sometimes, thought provoking. And every other post WILL be informative for goldmaking.

If you're a real greedy Wower, you play the AH. The rest of you (and myself) may not mind the occasional farming session or daily run. Personally, I don't do anything repetitively except my JC daily, but here's a nice comparison of some of the daily 'routes' and the potential gold/hour you can make running them.

Poor Druids! Apparently their T10 helm was imported from the Little Shop of Horrors. :) Good thing there's a 'hide helm' option.

Syrana had an honest-to-gosh random RP encounter in Goldshire. Who knew? Apparently, some guys think getting a chick drunk is a good plan, virtual or not. hmmmm. Also, that HAS to be my old server - didn't know there were any bloggers on Argent Dawn :).

When is a good time to say farewell to that lover guild (especially, do you say it BEFORE or AFTER you find a new one)?

Enjoy the reads, and your Friday!

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