Monday, October 26, 2009

Post No. 4

I guess the surprise visit from the in-laws over the weekend sparked a few Wow-thoughts that were repressed until today.

Anyway, I had a random wow thought and I wonder how long it will take Blizzard to implement it.

Blizzard did cross-server BGs, and is now doing cross-server pug 5-mans. They allowed us to queue for BGs from any location and return to that location upon completion. They're clearly making it easier to do things we want  in game. I've heard a few complaints, but generally these changes have been well-received. I certainly am in favor of all of them.

How long will it take for Blizzard to allow us to transport to 5-mans (and maybe even raids) instantly? It could be handled something like this: when the group leader identifies an instance and the group fills, she hits a 'ready' button, and everybody hits 'accept' to be transported there. Oh, how nice that would be! And much less of a hassle than flying to the stone. There's other ways to force us to explore the terrain. Leveling, questing and the like. When we want to instance, let us instance! :)


  1. They are adding a Looking For Raid interface, and evidently in the PTR, the LFG option takes you directly to the instance.

  2. heh, that's exactly what I'm hoping for!

    that's also what I get for not being able to take the time to be on the PTR at all.

  3. Here's the blue:
    "When you use the dungeon tool to find a dungeon, you’ll get ported to the inside of the dungeon, much like the current Battleground system. When you leave the instance, you will be returned to your previous location. If you need to leave temporarily, such as for repairs or to purchase reagents, you can teleport back to the dungeon again. This feature can be used both by groups looking for other players and by premade groups of five who use the dungeon tool."

    NICE. ;)


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