Friday, October 23, 2009

Killing Time: Cut to the Quick

Things are a little crazy today, so I'll have to keep my link-up post fairly brief.

Gravity posted today about the possibility of bosses scaling slightly differently in the future. For example, they may have more expertise as opposed to just doing more damage and having more health.

You thought Sunwell should be omgfreepix? You know from my post that it's not. Tamarind had his own Sunwell failpug.... and btw, that's NOT the kind of RP I was talking about doing.

You'll be back.... they all come back..... (well, not really) While many bloggers - and players, have said their farewells recently, it seems we have a tendency to come back to the game. I've been there, done that. Aggro Junkie and DDK have both recently rejoined the ranks. Well, AJ is almost back...

Nobody likes a doomsday prophet..... Gevlon wraps up his dire predictions (and hopefully returns to goldmaking posts) with his final summary of why the economic problems are what they are, and what we can do about it.

Anticipate the market! Arctic Fur changes are a'comin! Be ready.

Probably the worst loot drama of the week (and there were a few) was experienced by Calli; I feel for you man! I don't understand how a raid leader of a pug can award loot that way... :(

Anyone who's joined a new guild has a little anxiety over how they'll be received. Will they make it past initiate? Or will they hear those dreaded words? Yes, or No?

Several folks posted their chagrin at mistakes made: Sylly didn't train Wild Growth, Tamarind healed a heroic with his fishing pole (linked above), I kept equipping my tank boots when I went unholy..... it happens! :P

Elnia & Larisa just posted another topic sure to turn heads - they discuss whether or not it's a good thing that Blizzard keeps adding services like faction/race changes.

Well, that's all I have time for now!

EDIT: Forgot any links to what was the topic of the week: IS WOW TOO EASY!???!!! There were at least 5 different blogs on this, trailing back to last week. I just really liked Blessing of Kings' take on it, so check it out.

Have a great weekend!
(ps, I do have an article I'm working on, so if I have a chance it may get posted today or over the weekend)

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