Friday, October 2, 2009

Ulduar 10, Ony revisited

Just your typical 'blog/journal' post today.

I went back to Ulduar 10 the other night after a regular toc clear.
Actually, let me clarify. When Ulduar was released, I raided it in 25 mans for two weeks before I took a break from wow due to RL (Real Life) concerns. I actually didn't do any 10 man Ulduar at all.
After I came back to the game and transferred to a new guild/server, I really didn't get into U10 either - we were focused on U25 and then TOC. So when we went into Ulduar with several alts and several mains, I had forgotten my lack of U10 experience. It was certainly funny to see achievements popping up every kill as we finished out our evening with this fun partial clear.

Since TOC came out, we've barely set foot into Ulduar at all, so it was gratifying to see that tightening up my rotation and gear upgrades have amounted to something. Last time I did XT before I 'retired' my dps on 25-man was ~6k. In the 10-man kill I was over 8.5k (non hard mode since we had alts).
It's so much easier to do Ignis standing in the water! I remember kiting him and his adds all over the place....
Just for the heck of it we did Dwarfageddon and got the Razorscale achievement for only landing once as well. Kinda funny really.

On Onyxia 25 last night I did my unholy spec and the results compared favorably to last week. On both attempts I died at the end of the whelp phase when I over-aggroed the whelps and/or lagged due to so many adds/numbers. The mage did the same. :) Last week as blood I did 8k for the fight, this week with unholy's uber aoe I did over 9.7k. Just confirming again the value of spec-swapping based on fight mechanics. Note to self; wait a smidge longer before aoe. *stamps foot* "But I wants to kill!" "Patience self, that way you don't die, silly."

I'm contemplating buying the chest and legs with badges (the 232 ilevel ones) to replace my T8.5 ones for the very powerful 4pc bonus, but that wastes a ton of badges and what I really need is the 245 or regalia pieces. Eventually, I'll need my badges to get the tank set, so I still don't know what to do. Thoughts?

Happy raiding, and have a good weekend!

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  1. Just a friendly suggestion: If you have problem with aggro on the whelps, perhaps drop Death and Decay entirely? I believe it generates more threat comparable to its damage than any other ability... Of course that's a loss of dps (despite the fact that you can blood boil once more), but you don't do much dps while you're worshiping the floor with your face.


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