Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hinetitama -> Hinenuitepo

The eponymous Death Goddess' backstory tells of a Maori princess/goddess who is the unfortunate victim of circumstance. Her early 'innocent' existence is a sort of Earth Mother and she is named Hinetitama. After her discovery of her betrayal, the goddess transitions into the goddess of the night, hence Hinenuitepo.

For my Wow experience, I named my DK after a Death Goddess, but I was missing something.

A RL friend (and fellow Wower) pointed out that my resto shaman was really the precursor to my DK, so when I decided to transfer her to my current server/guild, I also changed her name to Hinetitama.

It's just so tidy! Now I have my Draenei healer named Hinetitama, and my Draenei DK Post-Arthas slavery named Hinenuitepo.


Sorry, readers, for subjecting you to my convoluted inner naming process. Yet, I hope you also are able to enjoy the 'life' of your toons as much!


  1. Your latest post on pwnwear is superb! Sorry about the delay posting it, technical problems :(

  2. Thanks, Grav!
    No worries, these things happen. :)


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