Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time to Switch-Hit?

"Mom, Dad, sit down. I have something to tell you."

"What is it, Sweetheart? You know we love you."

"Um, er, well.... I can't keep it in any longer. I'm not an Alliance player any more. I play For The Horde, now."

*Mom faints*

First of all, this is far less RP than it sounds. In fact, it's quite the opposite.
In my search for a raiding home for my DK, I've met with nothing but ...... emptiness. My requirement that first pull be no earlier than 9:30pm PST exludes me from most serious raiding guilds. The few that have been recruiting are either full on DKs or (in one case) silent in response to my app. I have one last Hail Mary out there with an Oceanic guild - would be fun to run with some Aussies and Kiwis - but if that doesn't pan out..... there's always the Horde?!?

There are a number of Horde late night raiding guilds that start late enough that are currently recruiting. They have shown the progression I'm looking for (4/5 TOGC25, 4/4 ICC first week). Now that we have faction transfers, it's an option right?

Well, it hasn't been for me. I've always been an Alliance player. I've done my duty despising the Horde. If there was anything I've bought into the RP on, it was Horde-hatred. So for me to switch, well, let's just say I don't like the idea.

It would be un-RP for me play for the other side.
But I wants to raid!

I guess we'll see...


  1. Its occurs to me that if you are changing faction, its not much of a step to changing server. As such your options open considerably.


  2. Thanks for the feedback!
    I'm definitely looking 'globally' as they say.
    Not many guilds on ANY server raiding that time of night for the west coast US.

    It will work out though. Soon. :)

  3. Hi Hinen, I presume you checked wowraid and worldofraids's recruitment tools, which let you search by time? Also check the "late night" stickies on official forums?

    Lastly, I guess an early start Aussie guild does make sense, would you want to start at midnight PST though? That'd open up a lot of choices.

  4. Basically, you're looking for a Hawaiian guild.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
    Sorry that I was afk a bit during the holidays and during my guild hunt.
    As you can see from my post today I've found a home.
    I looked everywhere btw for those asking ;)
    I actually got an invite from a horde guild I found on Elitist Jerks forums.
    I probably could have done an Oceanic guild especially one that raided weekends, but in Insomnia, I'll be raiding 9:30-1:30 my time, really quite ideal.

    Thanks again guys!


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