Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4.01 Please Hold While We Redirect Your Call

1) I spent about 20 minutes on hold with an opthamologist's office yesterday, trying to set up a consult (look up 'lack of pupillary response' and imagine it's you if you want to alarm yourself, yay for interwebs). Finally they come online and tell me they need to get me in right away. Concerning, but hopefully I can get a little assistance with why my vision has been getting worse.

2) I'm in week 2 of teaching some grad courses up in Seattle again. 60+ hours on top of regular work schedule... ouch. Rewarding, but very draining. Will have grading to do next week, but hopefully more time for good stuff like family, rest, and... WoW of course. :)

3) Trying to apply the patch was a joy yesterday. The download was horribly slow and when it says it's done, I get errors. So, no working patch for me yet. I'll keep trying.

4) What I have been able to see so far in theorycrafting sites and brief visits to the PTR is very encouraging. After months of silence, the past month has seen DKs get their game on. Frost still needs some work, but blood tanks are starting to look pretty solid, with some of the standard tank tools yet still maintaining their 'flavor' - the rune strike change looks like just what the Dr ordered. I'm curious as to what the Death Grip glyph might do for them... will it be spammable?

5) My long time love, Unholy, is looking better than ever. The synergy between the ghoul and DK are better, and not just an autoattack bot as it has been. I really love Dark Transformation! I'm a little concerned that it makes up so much of our damage, since it's vulnerable to the dangers of OP pets like BM has been at times for hunters, and at others it doesn't scale well, like the current Blood Queen Lanathiel fight. Still, the rune use, ability to 'roll' diseases (in a different way), pet use, not having to worry about the proccy aspects of Runic Empowerment... all of it looks really good to me! I'll still give Frost looks - in part to see how it works, in part to test it for readers of this blog, but as it stands now, Unholy looks like the bee's knees to me.

Sorry for putting everyone on hold yet again, but we're getting.... so.... very..... close!!!!