Monday, December 21, 2009

Frostmourne and primordial saronite

Talk about the ultimate gold sink.
Any warrior, paladin, or DK aspiring to Frostmourne can start their primordial saronite collection now.
On most servers, the item is running from 2500-4500 gold.

First of all, when I found out the item was boe, I thought "if Blizzard wants to eliminate gold selling, don't they realize this decision alone will provide a HUGE boost to gold selling?"

Susan, the ubiquitous gold selling advertiser in trade, /yell, and /say, advertises their gold at about $7-15 per 1000g.

If you have no gold to start with, assuming you pay $10 per 1000g, and pay an average of 3500g per Saronite, that's about $875 to buy the materials for Shadow's Edge! And the sad thing is, many people are going to do this. (side note, the non-raid version, Quel'Delar, is running about $10-15k for the battered hilt - about $100-150 real dollars if you buy the gold).

I don't like the decision to make the item boe, but it is what it is. It certainly makes 'farming' gold easy, when someone can do the random daily heroic on 5 alts for 12 days and have about 15,000 gold from the emblems -> saronite alone. When people start really grasping this, it will drop the prices of saronite somewhat, but I doubt it will go much below 1-2k on most servers.

At any rate, the first part of the quest for the legendary becomes 'soloable' - in that you can get the primordial saronite without being in a raid. After that, you do have to get a competent raid group that can kill some raid bosses and so on, but that part shouldn't be too hard.

In any case, I do plan to buy the occasional primordial saronite. I'm no Gevlon - I'm not gold capped and I never will be - but I do find it easy to make gold in game and have had ~30,000g sitting on my main bank alt wating for 3.3, so I'll buy them as the prices drop a bit and see what happens when shadowfrost starts dropping.

It seems at least Shadow's Edge is somewhat accessible, even if I'm very unlikely to personally sniff Shadowmourne until after the next expansion.


  1. I was lucky enough to get Quel'Delar (rolled a 48 and won!). As I am not in a "raiding" guild I figure I will NEVER see Shadowmourne. I am happy with Quel'Delar and wish it was Legendary. BUT, should I save my frost badges from the daily quests for items or try to use them to make gold?? I am typically ALWAYS poor. I also think the Kirin Tor rings might be a good purchase for the expertise. Thoughts?

  2. I'm actually levelling up my old level 70 characters so I can have multiple toons doing the random heroic dungeon every day for extra Frosts.

    I don't think my raid leader is going to like my performance in the meantime, since I am effectively avoiding T10 for several months. But Shadowmourne is amazing and I wouldn't feel like a DK if I didn't make sacrifices for it. :)

  3. @ Agememon
    IF you have no plan/intent/time to raid, it's entirely up to you. You can still get the first T10 set eventually, which might be worth it.
    If I were you?
    Well, if you have any 80 alts, I'd farm frost with them, and save the emblems on my main for gear. That's a compromise that will still keep you in a decent amount of gold.

    @Jokey: I hope you can still make raids on your main. If you do, hopefully your RL will have no cause for complaint.

    As for me, my 80s are all on different servers, so using them for making gold isn't practical, but I do fine on that front any way.

    I plan to farm/AH gold for my primordial saronite, and keep all the frost I get on my DK to get tier gear.

    Good luck!


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