Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3.3 PVE specs

3.3 specs
With the likely introduction of Icecrown Citadel next week, we'll be asking the question of what spec will be the most effective once again. Since I'm new in my guild, I'll have to be careful about my experimentation, but I do plan to examine each of the major raid specs in a raid situation once 3.3 goes live.

Next week you can expect to see me running the Elitist Jerks cookie-cutter Unholy spec. You can review Consider's excellent description of the spec here. If there's too much info there, the biggest change is that Scourge Strike has been hugely buffed and the mechanics of the attack have been changed. In addition, glyph of disease will no longer refresh at the original attack power, rather, it will refresh at the current attack power, making it a much weaker glyph for non-aoe fights. As a result, I'll be going back to a 2-hander spec to get the most benefit from huge Scourge Strike crits. At any rate, over the next few weeks, stay posted, and I'll be reviewing the various 3.3 specs on live servers in 'real' raids soon.


  1. Thanks for the link, I don't do a whole lot of research for my alts, but nice to know what the main dps build for my dk is when I get pugging on her, and rotation :)


  2. Gotcha, Hannah ;)

    I was going to put up a big post on my 3.3 unholy spec(s) - I actually have them already set up on Hinenuitepo, but I'll wait until 3.3 is live to post about them in more detail (teaser: I have corpse explodelol in my aoe/trash spec).

  3. Hinen, do you run the AOE variant of the unholy spec (with disease glyph) and a single-target version too, or is your 2nd spec for tanking? I'm going to settle on one tank spec, and get some proper dps gear, and I'm quite interested in the unholy dps style you talk about. Want to make sure I'm doing it right.

  4. ps. You should add a "recent comments" sidebar so I can see any conversations going on in the site.

  5. ie. the one that's there is broken for me, it's just a white box.

  6. Sorry man.
    My recent comments function doesn't seem to be working. I have no idea how to fix it. I've turned it off and back on several times with no results. Any ideas?

    #1: I did run the aoe version for a while and had two unholy specs. But then I thought, why the hell would I do that? I already top the meters on trash/aoe with my 'single target' spec, and progression is not benefited noticeably by 400 more dps on trash. I have one tank spec (blood atm) but the most I plan on doing with it is off-tanking ICC 10mans.

    Right now I just switched to the reaping build since I got 2-pc T10. I've waited on going back to the glyph of Disease spec and have the EJ cookie-cutter spec for now. However, with 2-pc T10 it's worth maximizing Scourge Strikes. IF you don't have 2pc T10 and you DO have 4pc T9 for dps, I'd go with the no-reaping build and then you can go either GOD or GODD. Either would work fine.

    Sorry to miss your comments Grav. I've been meaning to fix my recent comments thing if I can.


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