Friday, December 18, 2009

On a personal note

You haven't seen much of my primary focus topic here 
recently - raiding as a dps DK - because I still haven't
found a long term home for raiding. 


There are a few RL concerns, like working a fair 
bit of possibly getting a business started for my spouse, 
but mostly it's been that I'm in limbo. 

I've managed to do a couple quick n dirty ICC10 clears 
of the first 4 bosses, and last night did get Marrowgar 
down in a pug/alt run, but it's hard to think about and 
organize some good raid-related posts right now. 

Hopefully I'll have a home for Hinenuitepo soon and I 
can settle down to write some more about raiding.

Just a couple extremely brief comments here:
1. Unholy post nerf is doing ok, even though it feels
like it lacks a heavy hitter now, and single target 
dps took a big hit. I actually came second on the meters in 
a full TOC25 (non-heroic) run this week. Yes, to 
a mutilate rogue.
2. I think blood will be top single target dps in the 
second half of Icecrown, and late in heroic IC25, 
dual wield may become viable again. 
3. I see no reason to do frost right now unless your 
raid needs the buff or it's a huge preference for 
you in terms of playstyle. It just offers less in 
single target dps, sustained aoe, and simplicity of 
maintaining the dps priority. 

More on all of those later, when I sort out a few things. 


  1. Sorry I sent you naggy emails asking you to change your comment-system when you've got all that stuff going on. But we'll still be writing and reading when you get back - so good luck, and I hope things work out for you.

  2. What is your cutoff point for "viable"? I'm currently DW spec with my DK and did 6600 dps on Saurfang the other night in a 10 man with less than ideal buffs. Seemed pretty damn viable to me.

  3. @Tam
    Thanks! ;)

    Viable in elitist jerks terms means it can come within a few percentage points of the same dps as the accepted spec. I do 7-8k on Saurfang in 10-mans, not 25 mans. In a solid 25-man raid group, I'm confident I'd be in 9k territory, and with some 251+gear, I'd be up there in the 10k range.

    If you look at the top 500 dps on Saurfang25 on World of logs (, you'll see about 150 mutilate rogues in the top 160, then out of the next 150 dps, about 60 are unholy 2H DKs, with nary a blood or frost to be seen.

    Other specs really can't compete.

    To be fair, I should ask if you meant DW frost, because I was intending to mean DW unholy but may not have been clear. Also in terms of fairness, I should probably try a raid in DW unholy to see how much it's lost relative to 2H but I haven't yet.


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