Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Icecrown Cometh!

While I remain in limbo/undecided to some extent on the guild front, it was nice to set that aside for a night and focus on.... CONTENT!!!!

Well, I spent 4 hours first negotiating with my computer to get it to patch the game, but eventually I was able to log on and see what Icecrown had to offer.

Several of the Snickerfritz folks (my current tag) remained online from their 25 man raid, so we formed a 10 man raid and hopped into the new raid.

I'm sure within 4 months we'll be 'whinging' for new content, but as far as new content goes, Icecrown is very very nice! It's a 'true'instance in the Ulduar and Black Temple tradition.

No more instance in a box! Very nice artwork over all. The high points artwise were the elevator up from Deathwhisper's chamber to the Ramparts. Very evocative of SSC, but quite evocative in general. The skull columns are pretty cool. The other great visual experience is the gunship. It's a fun - if simple encounter, but it's just stunning visually to be flying around on the ship, and jumping back and forth between the two.

As far as mechanics go, the Saurfang fight is the best. Once you learn the first three fights, they're fairly simple and the healing/tanking/dps requirements are fairly low. In fine Blizzard tradition, however, Saurfang is a bit of a gear check. DPS needs to be reasonably high and healing through the marks is fairly intense.

All told, the first wing delivers, and delivers well in my opinion. :)


  1. I haven't had time to check anything out so don't have much to say but the title of this post is made of win :)

  2. We found Lady Deathwhisper to be much more challenging than Saurfang. A variable kill order on multiple adds is a lot harder to prepare for than a predictable burn and kite fight.

  3. Interesting... of the four on 10 man, Deathwhisper is the only one we one-shot.

    All four of the first IC fights are fairly simple - either mechanically, or in terms of gear requirements, but I found them to be enjoyable, nonetheless.

    Especially in comparison to doing togc again (which I did last night).


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