Monday, November 9, 2009

Too Many Healers??!!!

Most of you know that my shammy is primarily resto.

There's a problem with the 'Alt Math'

Every raid has:
1-3 tanks
4-6 healers
11-20 dps


Well, what happens when your guildies all get bored and want to level and/or raid on their alts as well?
A few dps folks create another dps alt, just to try it out - say a melee goes with a caster etc. A few might make a tank. Tanks make a healer or dps. Healers make a dps or tank, although a few seem to make another healer. MOST of the dps seem to make healers! :) So, in our alt raid we have:

1-4 tanks
6-12 dps
9-12 HEALERS!!1!

Heh, the last couple primary guild alt raids I've done, we've had way too many healers, so lots of juggling for offspec dps. Imagine the loot rolls: I've been asked to enhancement dps, so I have to type: 'alt offspec' in my bids. How do we determine that from 'main,' 'main offspec,' 'alt main,' and 'alt offspec'?

So, while I like healing on my shammy, I've found that I'm spending more of my time hitting stuff again. >.> This lead me to another gear and spending blitz over the past week, but at least now I have the ability to contribute some dps if we have TOO MANY HEALERS again.

I didn't know such a thing was even possible.


  1. It's because conventional wisdom declares you can *never* have too many healers so people keep making healers ... and then you have one big ol' healer party.


  2. too many healers is possible? What a wonderful day.

  3. Heh. ;)

    It's a circle......

    I didn't think it possible either.

    But in my guild's case, I think it is just that dps wants to do something different, and there you have it.

    Still, I really do like both healing and tanking as 'breaks' from my 'main' dps role.

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  5. hehe, my GF has an 80 Resto shammy, 2! 80 resto Druids and a 80 Disc priest, as well as a 70 holy pally and a 75 resto shammy..
    All on seperate Accounts... I think she is planning on "solo" healing raids, if u get what I mean... ROFL. (that would be cool though)it is a bit exessive I will agree.
    I also enjoy a change from melee DPS too tank or healer, kind of annoyed I traded my tank spec for another DPS one, getting groups for heroics is alot harder now :(


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