Thursday, November 12, 2009

Death Goddess Keywords

I've recently seen a few posts that commented on search terms that lead them to their site, so I thought I'd take a look at mine and put up a brief post here.

No surpises with the top search terms: Three of the top four were:
'death goddess wow'
'dk death goddess'

So clearly a few folks have been looking for my blog :) and google/yahoo/etc are kind enough to point them to me when using the terms used in my blog title.

I've also gotten some hits from more 'informative' search terms like:
'dk wow 3.2.2 dc spam'
'best food for death knights'
'3.2.2 frost dk pve spec and rotations T8 geared'

which relate well to articles I've posted on Death Knights, so it's no surprise that search engines eventually point here. Most of the 228 different keyword search strings leading to my blog have 'dk' in them.

However, every search engine has its quirks, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that some poor souls ended up here when they entered:
'overpowered' :P
'elite jerk dk'
'snottydin' (hey, I did put snottydin in a post title)
'broomhilde' (wtf? how did that happen? I can't even find my blog on any page when I enter those terms)
and: 'Hawaiian hine' - at least it's not pron!

If you're a blogger, how did searchers find you?


  1. Most serached term is "Plagued Candles"

    Some really awkward ones were:
    Lolcats (Pictures, maybe?)
    Jail Bait (O_o)
    Rogue Defense Cap (Lol'd)

    And of course there are quite a few intelligent thoughts about Expertise/Hit with Tanking, Tank Specs. Blah blha blah.

    Sometimes I question my faith in humanity on the internet.

  2. Seriously, you don't want to know =P

    I get some combination of orbs + righteous + blog, alongside an array of frankly terrifying weird stuff, including epiclust, prettiest pornstar, Dragon Age boobs, and my personal favourite: CAD BANE! For I am the bane of cads. Or possibly a caddish bane. Who knows.

  3. True, both of you have the title of the blog for titillation. :P
    Although, I would have thought the 'Goddess' part of mine might have proved more problematic. :)

  4. I don't get any weird ones really, it's highly predictable: tanking. Have a look.

  5. Your lovely blog (really more of a theorycrafting/informative site than blog) is quite focused, Gravity... although I wouldn't have been surprised to see a few derivations of 'pwnage' in there that could give some funky results. :)


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