Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DPS Chain Update #2

The Chain post has been pushed to the second page of my blog here, so I'm putting up a quick update.

Since gave out the link love, we've had a plethora of responses!

The update post with all the links to people I'm aware of that have responded to the questionnaire/survey/meme/whatever is here. Including my own responses, we have 35 completed questionnaires and counting!

So far we've seen responses (some bloggers did it for more than one class) from:

3 arcane mages
mutilation rogue
2 affliction warlocks
beastmastery hunter
5 marks hunters
elemental shaman
2 demonology warlocks
4 shadow priests
subtlety rogue
blood dk
2 unholy dks
fury warrior
2 destruction warlocks
4 balance druids
2 fire mages (counting frostfire here)
combat rogue
retribution paladin
3 survival hunters
3 enhancement shamans

More to follow on looking at the surveys.
We're still missing a few classes/specs! No kitties, arms warriors, or frost DK/mages that I've found so far.... hopefully we can get at least one of each...

Sorry if this is confusing, but I can see I'm ending up with multiple posts to stay on top of this lovely project!

LAST EDITED: 20 November


  1. Yup.

  2. I've finally put up my Moonkin contribution:


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