Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ah, Shadowmourne!

I never played ‘vanilla’ Wow at level, so legendaries like Ashbringer and Thunderfury never meant all that much to me.

As a dedicated rogue in the Burning Crusade, I thought that the Warglaives were the ‘coolest things ever,’ but somehow never thought I would see them. As I worked myself up from Complete Noob to Noob Raider to Raider to Hardcore Raider, I began to appreciate the weapon for its stats, its art, and its color (ah yes, orange, mmm). As I mentioned before, lore was an inconsequential part of the game for me, so I paid little heed to the weapons’ origins. Nor, somehow, did I think that to aspire to such legendary weapons was a goal within my reach. I came quite a bit closer than anticipated, participating in numerous kills of Illidan on my rogue before and after Sunwell came out, but there were always rogues (and warriors, meh) ahead of me on priority. As such, I never really dreamed of getting them, and never got incredibly excited about them either. Unlike the guildie in my first Illidan kill who literally screamed for 5 minutes after being given the main hand weapon – and I’m pretty sure – crying real tears and peeing his pants as well.

Ulduar’s legendary was for healers – never my main function, and I missed most of Ulduar due to my short-lived ‘retirement.’ I saw a few fragments here and there, but since the farthest either of my guilds got pre-TOC was Yogg, the mace was really only a dream for the healers in the guild, and I felt sorry for them.

Thus, when I found myself reading the lore regarding Shadowmourne – and paying attention this time in accordance with my vow – I was surprised to find the stew of excitement bubbling higher and higher within me! I realize that it will be a ‘Fragment of Frost’ or some such situation and that Shadowmourne can only be re-fused in some heroic encounter with Arthas on heroic mode, but oh, yes, ‘the weapon to end the war for Northrend’ is starting to sound pretty exciting to me!

And now…. and now….

Who better to wield the weapon of Arthas’ demise than a fallen and redeemed Death Knight? Who better to shatter his throne and end his rule?

Nobody better than Hinenuitepo, Death Goddess, I say!

Yeah, I’m pretty excited.


  1. Yeah, that post was sweet. I'm really looking forward to seeing the stats for the axe though. Heck, I'd be happy with just the Shadow's Edge to start :)

  2. No doubt, no doubt. :)

    For the first time, I'm extremely competitive to get the axe, since I'm an officer in my guild, and the most consistent melee dps attendance-wise. Dunno who I have to pay to get to the top of the list, but I'll pay, I'll pay! :)

  3. I'm looking forward to the day a legendary gets me interested too. I wasn't a tank back in Thunderfury days. So give me another chance; a legendary tank weapon, yes please.

  4. Orange pixels can do strange things to people, that is for sure!

    But, I do have to agree that the lore behind this one is extremely well done. I'm foaming a bit at the mouth, and I can't even use the darn thing!

    I did a write up a couple of days ago outlining what factors we are reviewing when making the decision on how we should distribute it :) Hopefully you all have already started discussing it within your guild!

    Good Luck!

  5. Yah, it's a difficult process; we're looking at it too.

    Given that we ended up with 3 different people with Fragments in Ulduar, attendance is a pretty significant part of it! :)


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