Monday, November 9, 2009

DPS Chain Update

Ok, with the linkage, we're finally seeing some more dps blogs!
It's great to connect with you all, and see some of the different perspectives on what we like about our respective dps classes!

Links below, and I will eventually be working up a list of active dps blogs and perhaps some basic analysis of the responses as well.

(Edits aplenty)

As expected for a copycat, It took a while for this dps version of the healing questionnaire to generate some responses, but it's getting there!
We now have a decent number of  folks who have been kind enough to answer the questionnaire, so I'll link them here. Stop by and give them a read, and if you reply in comments or have your own blog, let me know and I'll give you a link here!
We've seen the dps persepective from a few folks so far. They are:
Calli over at Pew Pew Lazers gave us the arcane mage perspective, and it was a nice read!
Aifel at Plagued Candles gave the meme a try with his rogue. Neptune still loves you, don't worry! :)

EDIT: Millea at Dots & Hots completed the survey from the classic affliction warlock perspective, and tagged a couple of other dps blogs I wasn't aware of. Great work!

EDIT II: Pike at Aspect of the Hare wrote about Tawyn, a BM hunter. Yay! A post/blog about a fellow oft-maligned class!
I found Shagrat's MM hunter responses linked from Pike's site, but he has his own blog at The Voodoo Shuffle. Side note, both of them are participating in the Brit NaNo thing I first heard about at Righteous Orbs. GL guys!
The non-meme chain lead to a third Hunter (MM), Rilgon at Stabilized Effort Scope. Good work!

EDIT November 12: Another Arcane Mage sighting! Arioch posted at clearcasting about PEWPEWPEW Arcane Missiles!
Raven gave us our first Elemental Shaman perspective at Zarii and Me. I've never ellied, so thanks for the chain lightning love!
EDIT November 12b: We have a shadow priest! Thanks Anexxia from Bible of Dreams for filling this out. Ah, can't wait for 3.3 and the revenge of the spriest eh?
Arrens was tagged and gave it his best blogger college try at Through the Eyes of Death. Arrens loves the recount spam, I can tell. :)

EDIT November 15 (laaate night): Spaz at SpriestBlog! gave us his Circle of Killers for both his shadow priest and DK. I like giving the kitties or arms warriors hysteria to the mysteria too!
Xirella's fury warrior at Whirlwind of Doom was indeed the first warrior response I've received :P
Hasteur's destro lock burns up the interweb at The Curse of Doom. If I have to link another 'Dooom' here, I'm going to get skeered, especially given the day several of these were posted!
We have a boomkin! I've always felt the poor caster dps druids have been the most misunderstood class in Wow. Miztickow gives us the business at What Now, Kow?
Vinven didn't like DKs before reading my blog (right Vin?) but took the time to arcane it up at The Arcane Sanctum, and
Roxton offered the fire mage counterpoint at Great Balls of Fire. (point of clarification, it was Miss Medicina who originated the healer questionnaire which I adapted)! You go, fire eater!
Demo lock sighting! Veliaf at der Hexenmeister gave us a rather curse-filled response (j/k).
Fae's hunter at the Lazy Sniper gave us our fourth hunter (marks) response at the lazy sniper. That's good data, there!
Arrens' combat rogue slipped in at Sneaky Troll. Hey, you bring utility!
Morrighan has been sending folks this way from her page for a while and offered the retadin perspective at Caer Morrighan. Thanks!
Another Troll (hunter, marks) piped in, mon at Tusks! thanks to Lashaah. Careful, it's 'gory' over there!
Elithrea's survival hunter weighed in at WoWGiggity, and...
our final hunter of the day is Melfina's marks hunter at the WoW Noob. Whew! I think the hunters won... so far anyway. :)

EDIT 17 November:
The latest folks to fill it out! I'm just going to link these since it's very late and I wanted to at least get them up (since I can't do this at work).
Our first enhancement shaman, Rachman completed the questionnaire at Flame Shock.
"D" filled out the non-meme for a shadow priest and enhance shammy at LFM: Need Healer Plz.
Our third Enhance of the day, Thargnik posted at Throm'ka. Nice trilogy!
Finally, another DK!!! - at least, the first DK-only blog response. Thanks, Hatch (Escape Hatch)!
Check out Survival Hunter Ciddypoo's new blog (and responses) at Takes 10 to Taz'dingo.
Cynwise's DestroLock gave us the somewhat unique perspective of pvp dps at Cynwise's Battle Manual.
Krause Kronicles' survival hunter, Nefernet chimed in from France! Sweet!

EDIT 19 November: I thought I had found Kungaloosh's before, but I hadn't: boomkin at Kungaloosh!
We have Dots & Hots - now we have Hots & Dots - thanks Cassie for your spriest contribution - and hey, you've gotta love this DK, right, right? :P
Gnomeageddon's frostfire mage chipped in at - you guessed it - Gnomeageddon.

EDIT 20 November: Boize gives us another boomkin at Moonglade.
Fealen's boomkin is #2 of the day! Check his responses out at the Adventures of Fefe and Coag.
Syrana RP's an affliction lock response over at Diabolical Minds. I don't mind! :P

That's a lot for one day!
The article brought a lot of responses in, which is great!
I haven't even had time to read through all the responses yet, but I will when I can, and try to keep up with all of the links as much as possible. Of course, if I get too many, I'll just start compiling them by class/spec etc, but the first weeks' worth get special mention!

Great work, all!

Remember, if you do fill one of these out, be sure to comment so I can link you!
While us dps bloggers seem to be less ubiquitous, quite a few of us are popping up now! We still are missing a few classes/specs, but we're getting there!



  1. Updated with more links to completed surveys. The meme lives!

  2. Came across this post thanks to and DoTs & HoTs, and decided to join the fun, seeing as how I participated with a post in the "Circle of Healing" posts as well.

    Stop by my "Circle of Killers!" post over at:

  3. In before the other dps warriors.

    Kidding (slightly). I'm over at

    Tag meh! Dx

  4. we got linked on tonight :D

  5. Same as above, saw your thread on and I decided to present the Destro-Lock view

  6. Cool stuff
    This is my post from a moonkin's PoV:

  7. - Related to Arcane spec, Mages, and WoW/gaming in general.

  8. I've written a mage's response (another one, I know, but this is Fire-ish):


  9. Here's my Demonology Warlock response! :D


  10. I did throw you a trackback but ^^
    Response from an MM hunter

    // Jaedia

  11. A rogue response is up at :)

  12. A retribution paladin has her say:

  13. Another hunter, mon!



  14. Survival hunter response on!

  15. My marksman response is over at thewownoob. Neat idea!

  16. Great all!
    Saturday's are busy for me, but I'll get all the links up tonight!

    Excited to read all the new questionnaires!

  17. Over at I tend to post about my rogue and warlock a lot, and get a fair bit into theorycrafting. My blogging partner also posts about his druid and hunter, although neither of us post exclusively about class issues (there's a fair amount of kvetching and other random stuff over there).

  18. Answers up at

    Thanks for doing this!

  19. Links from Saturday are up!
    Excellent work, all! I've glanced through all of them, but haven't had a chance to go into detail yet, but I will!
    If it seems we end up with a more comprehensive set of responses, I'll eventually tabulate them, but for now, everyone gets linked!

  20. Just to correct you, the Rouge is not me (Elnoriah). Two of us write the blog, and that happend to be Aifel (my co-author) because I very rearely DPS.

    At least until my Mage hits 80.

  21. Ah,thanks El for the correction. Sorry for missing it. I'll fix my post.

  22. I did one at cheers!

  23. Yay meme! I did one for my main, D the shadow priest, and my "other main", K the enhancement shaman, of course with some linkage love.

  24. Can't wait to read them all in order. My enhancement shaman perspective:

    Throm'ka Blog -- Circle of DPS

  25. I just posted my DK answers over at

  26. Very cool stuff. I have a pure Survival hunter's PoV (PvE and PvP) on my blog:

  27. Just thought I would mention that a "Circle of DPS" Blog Roll has been started over at (, and I would encourage anyone that has made a blog posting of their own to stop by over there and add your post to the listing.

    If you are interested, many of the "Circle of Healers" ( and the "Circle of Tanks" ( blog postings are listed there.

  28. I've posted my PvP Destruction Warlock response at


  29. I'm encountering some problems with blogspot at work - I normally post during breaks there - but I'll get the extra links and a related new post up tonight before bed!

  30. Your link to Rilgon's post at Stabilized Effort Scope is broken, should be this:

  31. Posted mine a few days ago!

  32. I've posted a Shadow Priest response to the Q&A at


    Can't believe how different some of the replies/perspectives have been!


  33. One more fore your list...

    Gnomeaggedon from the Frostfire Mage perspective and his stable mate Squidly on the Elemental/Resto Shaman PoV

  34. Got you guys!
    Hopefully the link for Rilgon works now.

    More Dots!

    I also filled in the Q&A after seeing the post at Hots&Dots ^_^.


  36. Don't know if you comment my previous comment, but I filled it out on blog. :-D

    Awesome survey, makes ya think about class mechanics. ::rattles brain::

  37. Mine's from an in character perspective to have some fun with it (I'm not much of a raider afterall). Have some laughs and decide if you want to add it to the list or not ;)

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