Monday, November 2, 2009

My Snottydin post

I'm so IMBA, because I'm a grrl irl.

Or maybe not.

It was gratifying, however, to get a few congratulatory whispers in my pug Ony25 yesterday.

I had hopped on my shaman in Dalaran to do the cooking daily when I see a Demondog fellow post in trade (trade, why is that, instead of LFG?) that he's looking for a couple dps and a healer for Ony 25. I'm saved on my shammy, but I whisper him that I'm available on my dps DK.

He does the mandatory butt-sniffing and asks me my gear score... which is pretty good so he invites me. We get summons and head in. While buffing I get a couple whispers saying "nice gear," to which I say "tyvm."

We run the adds and then after cursory explanation the fight starts. As pugs go, this one was decent. A bit sloppy, with ranged often killing whelps instead of Ony and so on, but we're hanging in there for the most part. A few folks die here and there to breath, but eventually we get her down.

The RL says something about 'GREAT JOB GUYS! WE JUST ONE-SHOT ONY IN A PUG!!11!!!1!'

A second later he says, 'HOLY SHIT' (why with the caps) 'WHO'S THAT DK'?

I glance at the meters and see that I did more damage than the second and third dps in the raid combined.... I'm SO IMBA!!!

My shaman will be embarrassed to sit next to my DK now....

At any rate, many whispers later, I drop group and still get a few asking me, 'how did you do that?' I shrug and say, '4-pc T9 is uber' - which it absolutely is.

Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Pestilence, Death & Decay on whelps. Rinse and repeat. Hit the big adds a few times, run to side on deep breath. Save gargoyle for Ony P1 and P3. It's really not fair.

I love my DK!

And I'm a grrl irl!

(not really)


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