Monday, July 12, 2010

Still Undead and Kicking

Sorry guys for the long absence!

The job required a trip to Alaska where the access was not conducive to blogging, and the family peace and happiness required a camping trip where the access was.... not. :)

Hine is still Undead and Kicking though, back to raiding and closer than ever to Shadowmourne (good chance of getting it this week). More Wow and DK-related stuff to come this week - I've had about 5-6 articles all bouncing around in my head for a bit, we'll see which one(s) spill out.

In any case: Anchorage was a good experience and I'll leave you with a few impressions from my RL 'raid' there:
1) Moose's Tooth is one of the best pizza and microbrew places on the planet.
2) The glaciers ARE worth seeing in person.
3) Don't get lost anywhere outside of town.
4) You can get liquor delivered via 'bush plane' to just about anywhere.

And from my camping trip to the shores of Lake Roosevelt (Columbia River above the Grand Coulee Dam):
1) Having a HUGE camp area for the family and friends is priceless (including our own little cove for our watercraft).
2) wake surfing isn't hard, but it is a rush!
3) DO tell your noob-to-camping children to pee outside the tent.
4) DON'T bring 4x the amount of food you need for a one week trip. Although the squirrels and ants will be happy if you do.