Monday, July 19, 2010

Good News! The Guild Talents are Flowing Again!

I had been concerned that Blizzard was rushing to get the next expansion out the door and was struggling to make things work (still am).

Many things promised have either been dropped completely or changed/cut back dramatically.

I had thought that the guild talents was going to end up in the trash heap as well, but it looks like Blizzard will be implementing it after all! MMO-Champion among others has presented us with the list.

And they suuuure to look purty!

The talents listed provide plenty of 'spice' to look forward to as an incentive to participating in guilds. They will be very very useful without providing any actual assistance in killing raid bosses. Just the right balance. Extra experience, increased mount speed, raidwide summons, all sorts of wonderful goodies! :)

Blizzard has said one of their main intentions is to encouraged players to show more loyalty to guilds and it certainly seems to fit the bill - players will want to have these 'buffs,' but won't be crippled without them. And losing them will make players think twice about casually gquitting, but if they really need to make a change can still do so.

Of course the question on our minds now is what actions will be required to level guild talents, and how long it will take to progress. I'll be waiting eagerly to find out!