Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oranje!!!!! (Orange)

In honor of the Netherlands football team which came so close to a World Cup title (and congratulations to a well-deserving Spain), I finally have some ORANGE of my own!

As I wrote about last year (and here), I've always been late to the party or in the wrong place at the wrong time for a legendary. I didn't play Wow until a few weeks before the first expansion, so the vanilla legendaries weren't an option. I started raiding just a little too late (and bounced around a few guilds) into the raiding cycle for Burning Crusade so my at the time main rogue was on the outside looking in. I gave up my head-of-the class position in my last guild in search of a more successful raiding experience, and thought I'd lost the opportunity to get Frostmourne before the next expansion when I joined Insomnia. However, I plunged ahead and got my Shadow's Edge, did the quests, and due to some turnover and lack of competition, after Masskur got his weapon, I was able to start building mine!


And there was much rejoicing!

Hine nearly cried tears of joy at being entrusted to carry the legendary weapon into battle on behalf of the Alliance and all the free peoples of Azeroth!!!

Now, we'll get to see how this DK can do with this baby. I'm grateful and happy to have a chance to use the legendary while we still have a few 'progression bosses' left (heroic Sindra, Halion, Lich King). It's unfortunate that one has to have this weapon to be competitive on the world meters, but I look forward to seeing if I can earn my place there now that I have the gear to give it a go. :)

Oh, screenshot plz you say? Ok, done. Apologies that it's not all that great. I'll try to get a few more and see if I can improve on it. But at least you can see Massakur and Hine standing joyfully in a mostly sleepy Dalaran last night.

So there you have it - Oranje!!!