Friday, January 15, 2010

A Worthy Opponent

I'm pleased to see that Blizzard has not nerfed Putricide yet as I predicted.

On the other hand, they've made it known that their way of allowing 'everyone' to see the content is to do something better: buff us. For years, Blizzard has nerfed bosses days or weeks or months into progression to allow the non-world-class the opportunity to kill the big bad bosses they took the time to create for us. This time around, we're apparently scheduled to get the assistance of the Ashen Verdict who will provide assistance in taking down bosses as the weeks go by.

Functionally this means that normal mode will get easier and easier as the weeks go by. Stuck on Saurfang and only dreaming of wing #2? Never fear! Soon you'll be able to smite him with one blow! :)

Rumor has it that heroic modes will not benefit from the progressive buffs and will have the increased difficulty we've come to know and love.

The good news for ICC so far though, is this: Putricide is NOT easy mode. Some guilds are stuck on Deathwhisper, or struggling with Saurfang, but a very large percentage of 'serious' guilds easily defeated the first wing well before the second was released. This has not happened with Putricide. Sure, if we'd all had more than 20 attempts, many more guilds would have accomplished the feat, but overall the fight presents a challenge we haven't seen since Ulduar.

We've had 20 attempts on him and the best I've seen is a wipe on the enrage timer in P3. We've learned the fight mechanics, managed the oozes well, but balancing that with dps on the boss.... and it's actually a challenge! Sure, some high level guilds did him in quickly, but that's a small percentage. For the rest of us, it requires us to step up our performance in order to succeed. I had an amazing time last night, running around chasing oozes, dodging various burbly messes, and trying to hit the bald guy from time to time.

While some are saying it's not Ulduar, I say, It's full of win! Good Game, Blizzard. Good Game.

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