Friday, January 8, 2010

Putricide nerf incoming?

Sadly, I'm almost certain the answer is yes.

On the three servers I have level 80 raiding toons, no guild has killed Putricide on 25-man.

My guild has expended our 10 attempts without getting into phase three. We're a pretty good group. We had no problem with the ugly brothers. At least a few guildies had attempts/kills of Putricide on PTR. We're not world-class, perhaps, but overall, we're a solid bunch. We did make solid progress in learning the fight and got deeper and deeper into it with most of our tries.

We didn't kill him in 10 attempts? OH NOES!

Archimonde was a classic fight that killed quite a few guilds. I know of some fairly solid guilds that did well over a hundred progression attempts before getting him down. But my oh my the joy when we finally got him down! Killing Archi remains one of my top-10 Wow experiences ever. Great challenges bring great rewards, and all that.

Personally, I'd prefer at least a few fights in Icecrown provide a decent challenge. I'd prefer it take 20 or so attempts to kill a few of the bosses. I know, there are always hard modes, and I've bought into that to some extent, but still, I'd rather at least a few of the fights provide a little skill and coordination on our part.

That being said. I've decided I don't mind the gating system Blizzard has implemented for the most part. By introducing the instance in chunks, it almost gives the feel of mini patch days more often. That can be a good thing. Patch day butterflies - mmmmmm.

On the other hand, I'm not sure I like the additional gating mechanism of limited attempts. This means we'll be hearing more qq from guilds that are upset that they can't kill the boss - and if they had additional attempts they'd be able to.

In this case, I prefer the system from TOC - the much maligned TOC. To get better rewards, one has to clear it in fewer attempts, but the total number of allotted attempts was large enough that few guilds bumped their heads against that limit. I'd rather that than the Ashen Verdict tucking their tails between their legs and heading home until next week. :)

All in all, though. I think that the hue and cry from guilds that want their ez mode kills will overwhelm Blizzard, and their motto of making all the instances accessible means a pretty significant nerf to Putri, and soon.

Ah well. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

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