Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ugly Brothers

I like to put up DK strats after several kills so my dps DK perspective will have to wait, but I wanted to at least post about last night's visit to the hilarious plague wing.

Yes, it's a good idea to visit youtube just to listen to the audio before the fight - otherwise you may completely screw up due to a laughing fit! The humor is of course crass at times, but some of the best boss audio anywhere comes from putricide as you are messing with his little buddies! :)
"Good news everyone!" heh.
After that you can view the strategies to figure out your approach to the bosses.

The two fights are stark contrasts to each other, providing two very different challenges.

Rotface is the execution fight. There are several things to keep in mind, but probably the most important aspect of the fight is controlling the mutated infection/small oozes. My guild wiped a number of times below 30% due to these little guys spawning all over our faces. There are a number of things to keep track of, but once you get all those settled, it's all about execution. You don't need amazing gear to kill Rotface.

Festergut is the dps race/gear check fight. Many guilds are having problems beating the (relatively) tight enrage timer due to the amount of dps required. We killed him in a two-shot - only wiping once due to the tight rotation of tank taunts. If you have the taunt rotation figured out, it's all about everybody doing as much dps as possible (yes, there are spores/inoculation to control, but really, that's child's play).

And yes, trash you can wipe on! The Gluth-like doggies wiped us once when stinky one-shotted a number of clothies. Fun stuff. ;)

We decided to wait on Putricide until tonight, so we haven't seen him.

But last night, we weren't finished! After making our guild's first Shadow's Edge, we decided to make a side trip to Ulduar. We only needed one more fragment for a little legendary mace. So, off to Yogg's room we went (extended lockout). I'd only seen Yogg phase 1, so I was a bit discombobulated. I actually missed going to the brain room several times, silly me. But after running around and hitting stuff for awhile, Three Lights in the Darkness popped up on my screen! We didn't get to go kill Algalon, so that's still on my list, but at least I got to see a Yogg kill. Now THAT's a fight! Each phase is more complex than most boss fights, and there are three phases! I really enjoyed it, and hope I get to go again (whereas most of my guild would rather never see Ulduar again), and of course I hope to get Algalon some day as well.

After that we humiliated ourselves by wiping for 45 minutes on heroic northrend beasts. I think we were just giddy from all the accomplishments earlier, because we only avoided 3 of Icehowl's crashes the whole evening.

Ah well, Putricide tonight, and hopefully heroic Anub (still didn't get him down yet) later this week.

Raiding..... mmmm. I love the smell of Saronite in the morning!

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