Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No more sleepless nights

Or perhaps should I say, "many more Insomnia nights!"
I'm a lucky guy.

It was a little time in coming, but I did resolve the guild situation and am happily settling in with Insomnia (see, I even updated my 'about the author' from looking for guild to in the guild Insomnia.

Already, I've made good progress in my New Wow's Resolutions. I'm in a 10-man group that's well-established and should be able to make good progress through Icecrown. I want my Starcaller title, and that may some time in coming, but I did get to complete the Yogg-Saron fight, leaving only Algalon and Heroic Anub'arak as uncompleted fights pre-Icecrown. I picked up Festergut's acidic blood and should get Rotface's tonight as well. leaving me just a few primordial saronite short of Shadow's Edge. Yes, that's a long way from Shadowmourne (expecially as a nub in my current guild) but it's progress!

Most importantly, I'm fulfilling #7 on the list - having tons of fun!

One such fun event occurred while I was implementing my new ui.
(and since this turned into a longish story, click to see the rest)

I had just installed SpartanUI and messed around with it on my auction house alt and my shaman healer. I decided to take the plunge and activate it for my DK. I logged in, and thought, I'll mess around with keybinds etc, and while I wait, I'll queue for the random daily heroic.
I forgot I had last marked 'tank' as well as 'dps' for roles.

I instantly got into an Utgarde Keep pug as the tank.
I quickly hit the respec button to tank. I (thought) I hit my tank gear button.
Of course people were already urging me to 'gogogogogogo,' so I pulled the first two guys.
When one of them went straight for the hunter, I realized I didn't have frost presence on.
Better yet, I realized my keybinds for my shaman were character specific, and only 1-9 were keybound.
I didn't have pestilence, death & decay, vampiric blood, rune tap, taunt, or most of my other abilities keybound yet!

Well, I thought, I'll just click those. Heroics are easy.

And so they are.

I clicked and clicked and clicked.

After the first boss I glanced at the recount and saw that I was topping the meters at over 3k dps... HMMM??

Oh well, time's a wasting.
Distracted by clicking and an unfamiliar interface where I coudn't easily find everything, I kept plowing through the instance.

Mere minutes later, everything was dead. I still was over 3k for the run.
After leaving the party and zoning into Dalaran, I thought, 'what the heck'???

It was only then that I realized that I'd tanked UK in my dps gear!

Now, that's really no big deal obviously. I've posted several times that I enjoyed tanking heroics with tank gear and a dps spec. But the reverse of tank spec and dps gear is evan funnar!!! I'm sure I was being critted, but the healer did a good job of healing, and the blood tank spec I had allowed a lot of health regen.

The moral of the story? Clearly, don't queue as a tank unless you're ready. Of course, the real point for me personally was that in addition to a good laugh at myself, I had a load of fun! Which is why we play this game.


  1. btw, I was hoping for you to help with question I posted over here

  2. I replied. I've still had no success getting a recent comments gadget to work! :(

  3. Bwahahaah!

    At least you didn't also have your fishing rod (becoming a habit with me these days, I'm afraid).

    I love healing tanks in their DPS spec so I'm going to suggest the alternative next time I find a decent tank ;)


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