Monday, March 15, 2010

"THAT" Class I swore I'd never play.

If you've created a single alt besides your main character, you've experienced the joy of trying to play Wow from a different perspective.

The first character I ever created (based on those official Blizzard descriptions) was a paladin, which lasted at the time until level 20, when I realized I didn't like what that playstyle had to offer. I created a rogue, and never looked back.

While I genuinely loved my rogue, naturally the alt fever eventually started to tickle me and I created my first alt for the purposes of leveling all the way to max level (70 at the time). I leveled a shaman mostly as enhancement, although I envisioned her as a resto shammy at 70. I enjoyed the leveling, and, at 70 playing her both as enhancement and resto. Later, a warlock joined those two at 70. Like many, I found leveling a warlock both incredibly easy and fun. Having a personal tank aka Blueberry, and fear-dotting swarms of adds was crazy fun! Alas, destro lock raiding was quite boring.....

As the months and years went by I fiddled around with various classes, trying druids, shadow priest, mage, and warrior, taking each of them anywhere from level 15 to 30+. I even got the pally to level 30 - although before lowbie mounts were available, I used him for a higher run speed bank alt. :) I've now leveled - including Lich King Beta - a total of 5 characters to 80, with my poor warlock stuck at 72. I've played every class in the game, at least long enough to add a few talents, and to see if I like how they 'feel.'

But, I always SWORE I'd never play a hunter. I'm not sure why. I suppose it might have been all the huntard jokes. It might have been the melee bias (and if I'm not meleeing, then casting is ok, but not bullets/arrows???). I told myself I didn't like the concept, or the gameplay.

Even when my son played every class from time to time and asked me why I didn't like hunters, I fiercly replied, "I'll NEVER play one, ok?"


You guessed it.
I have a baby hunter on my main's server, and she's already level 38.
The playstyle doesn't suck. And, like leveling a warlock, it's nice to have a personal tank. Killing much higher level or elite mobs is a snap.
Like leveling any alt, it's nice to be able to log on, not worry about committing to 4 hours, or even 5 minutes if I don't want to, and just do a few quests or kill a few mobs, then hearth.
Leveling a hunter isn't so bad! :P