Monday, March 8, 2010

The one not remotely about DKs, or 10 Types of Asshats

Proof that while this is my 'home for dps DKs,' I may occasionally blog about topics elsewise.

No, this one is about 10 Types of ASSHATS in guilds.

First, let me break down a few of the ASSHAT types I've observed in my years of playing wow - all of them at some point have been guilded with me.

1. Stubborn Clueless Fool. This person is so unaware of their lack of knowledge that they spout things constantly in /g. What makes them an asshat is not their cluelessness, it's their insistence on spewing it, and their insistence that they're right.

2. "Wow is too easy." These are the people who complain about nerfs constantly, and are usually the ones putting up 7k dps on Festergut (when half the raid is doing 10k).

3. Generic complainers. These Eyeores don't need a reason to moan and groan. It's their modus operandi.

4. Elitists. These guys think they're better than anyone. And they may be. But they're still asshats.

5. Rascists and other -ists. While comments about gays and phrases like 'we totally raped them' are commonplace in cyberspace(and still bother me most of the time), full-blown rascists are the nastiest sort to pop up in guild. My worst experience with this was my short-lived foray into the guild Fallout in which a fellow named Jezuswaffle spouted such endearments as "Hitler had it right!"

6. Fight pickers aka trolls. More commonly found in /trade, you may still find the guildie who is willing to start an argument with everyone in sight, including other guildies. Often makes provacative comments just to get a response.

7. You're doing it wrong! The guildie who complains constantly that people are standing in fire, not biting their target, timing their heals, and son. "God, it's so simple. Just pay attention." They're also usually the person doing 7k on Festergut (see above).

8. Afkers or unreliable guildies. Everyone has real life once in a while, and has to step away. These folks, however, provide no warning, and are often gone for long stretches of time or don't show up at all, leaving 9/24 people waiting.

9. Ninjas. They may steal loot rolls in 5-mans, and try to cheese the system in guild raids (waiting to see if anyone will roll mainspec, then rolling offspec to get a coveted upgrade for cheaper dkp/epgp etc). They may also take unauthorized items from guild banks and worst case scenario try to clean the guild out before /gquitting.

10. Nascar asshats. These asshats want to rush through every bit of content as soon as possible. If a tank, they pull before others are ready. If dps/heals, they pull before the tank is ready. In raids, they constantly complain about pace and say things like, "Pull aready plz." "Buff faster." "ZZZzzzzz." This is not to be confused with occasional comments after a 20 min fight description by the raid lead; anyone might be tempted into "ZZZzzz" at that point.

Clearly, this is not an exhaustive list.
What other types am I missing?