Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hine does fail

I'm not used to failing, so it was uncomfortable to be the cause of at least 3 or 4 wipes last night in our ICC25 farm run.

What??!!??! Hine caused wipes? Say it ain't so!

Unfortunately, it is so.

By the end of the night I was frustrated enough to /w my fellow dps DK to say, "I was really off tonight." He whispered me back to say that he was just catching up to me in gear (perhaps referencing the fact that he'd beaten me on the overall meters for the first time. By the way, it's not about my friend Dreddnaught, it's about me, so pay attention! :P In any case, he is a very good DK, and less geared than I so he had a point, but I digress)

Actually, the reason for my fail was that I was asked to fill roles/do things I normally don't do. However, it was still unpleasant for me to see how much of a rut I'd gotten into on these farm runs. My comfort zone has become all-out dps. In that role, I do extremely well. I kick butt, and almost never die, much less cause a wipe. It's been weeks if not months since anything I've done could be remotely construed as wipe-causing.

And the worst part of it was: IT WAS ALL FOR ME!!!!

My guild leaders decided tonight would be the night to get all my Shadowmourne quests done. Our fury warrior (since I'm doing shout-outs, Massakur is simply one of the best warriors ever) had his quests done and is getting his shards, so I was next in line to get my Shadow's Edge imbued. This requires one to:

1) be an abomination on Putricide. I'd never worn the ugly suit and sucked - literally or figuratively. However, to get the quest done, I had to put on the suit, slow the oozes, suck slime pools, and occasionally slash a mob/boss. I failed miserably the first two tries and slime pools QUICKLY ate the raid. How humiliating! :) Fortunately, I had some good advice and by the third try was able to keep slimes under control, imbue my axe, and tank phase three (very rusty there, but did ok I guess in my sadly neglected tank set).

2) survive blood mirror on Blood Queen Lana'thel. This is easily done, but I was flustered I suppose, and since it also requires one to be bitten early and therefore bite more raidmates, I failed miserably at least once and ended up mind-controlled twice. Sheesh! I've done this before, but I was biting like a newly-turned vamp on her first night at the drive-through!

Granted, a few other wipes had nothing to do with me, but the wipes slowed us down enough that my final imbuement, Sindragosa's, will have to wait until tonight.

I suppose it was good for me to fail. That hubris needed a little trimming. :)

Thanks to my awesome guildies, after tonight I should be ready to start collecting shards for my legendary - in about 8 weeks (after Mass gets his). *grin*