Friday, March 12, 2010

Update: SAN

I had a friend point out that 'blogging' seemed a little pretentious and self-congratulatory.

Perhaps, perhaps.

We tend to read each others' blogs, generally spew encouragement, and comment back and forth. Sometimes it seems as if 90% of our readership is other bloggers.

The past few weeks have done nothing but reinforce this perception, but it's been fun anyway, amirite?
The inception of the EU and US SAN (Single Abstract Noun) guilds has given a place for bloggers (and friends) to gather together for little of the typical reasons for forming a guild, and all about the circle-jerk that is talking about talking (about wow).

Still, I've loved the concept and was finally able to squeeze in a little time to create a Hinenuitepo-alt and join in the fun! It's a place to chat, although a number of folks are apparently experimenting with different ways of leveling, or are bringing in 'viable' alts to actually play wow. :) I also dropped in on a conversation about a GM/raider wanting to hang out in SAN for a week for a break from the grind of raiding/running a guild. Chatter ranged far and wide over the course of the few minutes I had, but then it was off to face Arthas once again! (unfortunately, the Lich King's demise eludes my guild still. But not for long!)

Good stuff, though, and I look forward to more interludes with SAN as time allows. If you're interested, you're always welcome to roll an alt and join in the fun, persnickety blogger or not!