Thursday, March 4, 2010

Calling all Bloggers!

Short post to open the day. :)

Greetings, fellow wow aficionados that can't enough of the game so we read about it, we write about it, we Tweet (well some of us) about it, and generally hang around the interweb discussing wowage.

Tamarind at Righteous Orbs got a silly idea to start a guild that has nothing to do with playing the game, and everything to do with discussing it.

Should be fun!
If you're on European servers, you can join Tamarind & Co on Argent Dawn.
If you're on US servers, Miss Medicina has started Tam's doppelganger there. I'll be there on a 'Hine' alt tonight. Before or after raid, of course. :P

Social guilds, unite!

EDIT: I didn't make it on last night.... just did raid and bed. Will try again now that the weekend is(will be) here.