Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tanking as a DPS DK/heroics are FUN????

Over at, Gravity was gracious enough to let me post an article on what happens when a DPS DK is asked to tank.

Since a one-sentence blog entry is.... short, I'll add to it that one of my favorite activities lately has been tanking heroics (if you've heard this from me before, move along :)).

Yes, the DPS DK, melee damage dealer extraordinaire, enjoying tanking non-raid content! LOL, you say? Yes. Indeed.

Since we get Triumph badges now from the daily heroic, everyone and their mother has been running at least the one 5-man, which makes one aspect of doing heroics more palatable - finding a group. I'm fortunate enough to run over 50% of my daily heroics with a guild group, but even if I log on at odd times with no guildies, I have no problem getting my heroic daily done in 30 min or less almost every day.

Tank-capable classes that refuse to tank are shooting themselves in the foot these days. If I put myself in LFG as dps, I might languish for hours before getting an invite. When I put myself in as a dps or tank, I get an invite within minutes. I go about my regular activities, and when I get a request to tank, I /w back "do you have a full group"? If not, I tell them to let me know when they do, so I never have to wait around for a pug to fill.

For a pug, I hit my tank set outfitter, then my tank spec button, and away we go. All I need is someone with a heal button and one semi-competent dps and we're fine.

For my guild runs, though, that's where the fun really kicks in. I'll put on most of my tank gear - enough to be uncrittable - hit frost presence, and off we go! (missed the tank spec button???). Yes, indeed, I've tanked all my recent guild heroic runs in dps spec. This allows me to do 600-1k more damage, and speeds up the run considerably. I'm loving seeing that 'new record' pop up on heroic bosses and completing a full heroic daily, turning it in, and flying to the raid location when I log on 25 minutes before raid. Fun stuff! :)

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