Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ONY!!! ONY!!! ONY!!!

Onyxia!!! After running 25-man VOA and TOC last night, we had a few insomniacs decide to peek into Ony's Lair on 10-man and see what she might offer us.

I'm one of those raiders that joined Wow essentially after vanilla (was less than 60 when BC dropped) so I never raided Ony's Lair. I'd done it once with 10 80s which meant I'd seen her but ignored all the fight mechanics. Doing it last night was fun and now I can say I know what the fuss about DEEP BREATH was/is. I'm sure that at the time the mechanic was new and exciting. Now, though, there are any number of similar challenges on the bosses since. It's a bit like Felmyst's spray of insanity where you have to run to a certain side of the area to avoid it. On the other hand, it was indeed fun to have the yells of OMG north! North! NORTH!!! And the subsequent wipe or two before we figured out where to run, especially with the confusion of whelps all over. ;) Good stuff.

I tanked/OT'd it and found keeping all the adds off the healers challenging. It seemed a bit buggy in that a number of times 15 or so whelps would spawn ON the healers instead of coming down one or the other tunnel, one-shotting the clothies even if they were standing in my Death & Decay. The daily reset issue is still up the air at the moment as far as I know.

Overall, a fun fight and I'm not upset they resurrected this 'old content.'

p.s. no mount :P


  1. I OT'd Ony as well, and I have to agree with you, there are definitely some bugs with thsoe damned whelps.

    Sadly my group was not as successful as yours, one of our Healers decided to eat right before attempt number 3, but we got her down to about 20%.

    Great job on the blog so far! I can't wait to read more!

  2. Thanks, PC! :)

    Most folks should know by now, the reset is like Ony's old reset; we'll get to kill her twice a week! ;)

    Took us a few attempts to get her successfully as well.

    P1 is cake, of course, just hit her until she's at 60%
    P2 the keys are keeping all the adds under control and avoiding Deep Breaths
    P3 - as long as you get through the end of P2 intact, the transition to P3 is ok, and then just Heigen-like, avoid the Cracks of Doom :)
    On our first kill, our healers both died, but we were still able to go 20%-0 with our boomkin healing because it's not too healing intensive.


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