Monday, September 28, 2009

And My Niche Is..... It's a Tie???

Drumroll please...........

dum de dum de dum


No, 2H Unholy!

No, Blood!

Damnit! :)

Theorycrafting aside, these two specs performed very well, and had definite advantages over DC spam - which, although fun, didn't quite provide the dps of the former two, and frost, which underperformed and I personally didn't enjoy.

So, which is it for Hinenuitepo in 3.2.2?

If I had to choose, this would be a very tough call. You've seen the pros and cons. You've seen the report cards. I think for now I'd probably choose.... Blood. As long as I have a boomkin to at least provide the debuff for casters on the boss. While it lags behind unholy on aoe, it can still do reasonably well on add fights as I demonstrated on Onyxia. It does outstanding dps on timer-sensitive fights, and the burst is on a shorter timer than unholy (1.5 min for dancing rune weapon vs 3 min for gargoyle).

Blood it is for me, then. What you take from this series is up to you.

But why choose?

I had a talk with my raid leader, and we came to an agreement. If needed, I can still tank. I can still easily head to ebon hold for a respec, and get summoned back, old style. We're so used to the luxury of one-button respecs, that we forget the old way is still pretty easy, especially for DKs. My raid leader said that my dps is too valuable in most situations to lose, and most of the time we'll have the tanks. So, I can respec for tanking if needed, but for now I plan to have TWO dps specs!!!!

My primary niche is a dps DK - a death goddess raining destruction on those that oppose the light of the Alliance, so to best fulfill that role, I bring you: two dps specs, yes, For The Win. :)

Just for example, on T9 content:
1. Northrend Beasts. Mostly single target, lots of burst needed. Blood.
2. Jaraxxus. Tank and spank. 1-2 adds that can be tanked on boss. Blood.
3. Faction Champs. Blood burst is nice, but ghoul can harass a healer, wandering plague doesn't affect cc, and bone shield provides extra survivability. Unholy.
4. Twins. Especially if tanked together, heart strike hits both. Blood.
5. Anub. normal: Blood. heroic: Unholy for the four adds.
6. Onyxia. Whelps - need I say more? Unholy.


  1. Hey there! Thanks for your comment re: my DK gearing guide - you're right, it needs a quick update. I'll keep your comment on ice and let you know once it has, so we can discuss getting you the updated one at that time :)

    Right now I'm working on the final details of a new site overhaul, but once the new template is live I'll turn my attention to updating the existing guides properly.

    WoWGrrl's player blog

  2. It's nice to see another DK blog(aside from Mr Dwarven DK of course) - compensating for the rampant deathtardism one regularly seems to witness in game ;) Also I've just rolled my first proper DK (gasp!) so my ears are pricked for tips and insights :)

  3. Hey Tam! Good to see you!
    I'm planning an article on leveling a DK alt soon as my DK alt (lol) nears 80. Look for it soon!

  4. It's good to read this... I'm somewhat of an altaholic and have just gotten to the point where I plan to level a DK - and am yet uncertain what I want to be when I grow up. I will keep tabs here and read on to see what your adventures are like!


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