Monday, February 8, 2010

Out of Hibernation

(and that's not short for World of Warcraft).

Sorry folks for disappearing the past few weeks during my trip.
The dynamics of my location/times/work/etc weren't conducive to blogging. I was able to do some raiding, but generally after work/exercise/dinner with colleagues, I only had time to do my in-game stuff and then bed before the grind started over.
Strange how being in a hotel next to work, away from family and other stuff, it seemed I had less free time, not more.

In any case, apologies to all, and to anyone who's still stopping by, I do have a couple of my traditional 'DK optimization' posts ready to roll and a few other ideas in my head, so I'll be posting those soon.

Oh, and one other comment. I just realized my last post was #100! Today certainly isn't the day for a milestone post, maybe later. ;)

Anyway, it's good to be back home!


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