Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm not much for reading non-Wow blogs, but I just have to make a short post to mention two astoundingly good blogs in this space.

Many of us were familiar with the erstwhile Big Red Kitty, one of the best wow blogs of all time. Dan Howell may not be Wowing any more, but he blogs his life on Brain Needed Space. His stories are funny and meaningful, and his interactions with his son are priceless and everyday at the same time. Add it to your regular reading list if you haven't already.

Purelandmountain offers an iconoclastic east-meets-west perspective, and, I suspect, a view from the height of a few more decades than most of the readership of Wow blogs are accustomed to. Delightful prose, and a sense of calm and enjoyment of life's little pleasures. GO READ IT!

Hope you enjoy those. I find them invaluable when I come up for air from work, wow, and family. ;)

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