Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sorry all that I have to post this, but:
Due to a variety of personal, professional, and medical reasons, I've had to take a hiatus from raiding.
I don't have an eta on my return.
Given that this is a raiding-DK-centric blog, it's doubtful that I'll be posting until/if I return to raiding.

I'll miss it, big time, but for now will have other priorities.

Cheers to all and thanks for reading.



  1. Hope everything is fine and that you are able to return to raiding (and blogging) soon!

  2. I don't pray, but if I did I would send them your way. Thanks for all the blogs so far!

  3. Am praying for you.

  4. Hey Hine,

    Hope you doing fine? Saw your post @ EJ.
    Are you playing again?


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