Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Cataclysm Eve!

To all you EU players out there: less than 8 hours till launch!
To all of us US players, tonight is your night, bro! (hurrah for ancient Schwarzenegger/DeVito references)

I know we're all excited, and, I hope, prepared.
I've talked about my preparation several times, so the tl:dr version now is:

I'm frost 2H for leveling; one can pretty much howling blast/obliterate/frost strike spam everything that's non-elite, at least until Uldum/Twi Hi

I have my flasks and food prepared.

I will mine when I can, but my primary goal is leveling, so you will likely not see another post here, nor will I level cooking, rep, or anything else until I'm 85. Once I'm there, I'll have the remainder of the week to work on those things.

Good luck all, have fun, and See you on the Other Side!


  1. I ended up with following considers frost 2h build too, over my beloved blood.
    The frontload damage is amazing (and very weird when you are used to having to get diseases up first).
    And for once Europe gets a little headstart on you US players ;)
    Have fun

  2. Indeed, Dwism, indeed!
    Look forward to your posts on it as well. :)

  3. Happy Cata!

    I have done no preparation whatsoever :P

  4. Very good, Tam, very good. :)
    As you can see, I went and played all last week.
    Post on that incoming as well.
    Hope you've enjoyed it so far.


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