Monday, January 4, 2010

New Wow's Resolutions

I'm back from my little trip to Canada (lovely btw) and it's time to post my resolutions for the new Wow year.

1. Settle in with my new guild. They seem to like me, I like them. I need to find a regular 10-man raid to go with the 25-man raid times that the guild is organized around. Otherwise, there's the everyday stuff of spending time with guildies like 5-mans, Wintergrasp, or meeting at the bank to craft gems for someone.
2. Conquer Icecrown Citadel. That's why I play the game more than anything. Arthas needs to go down.
3. Hard Modes. I'd like to complete the hard modes in Icecrown, but also finish the Anub fight on heroic, and get my Starcaller title. Plenty of people despise achievements. I enjoy them at times, but raiding achievements actually motivate me. They're the true endgame now, like it or not.
4. Get a 310 mount. I don't care how I get it. I just want one. ;) It won't be a long strange trip though.
5. Get a Shadowmourne. This may or may not happen in 2010. But someday I'd like an orange.
6. Bust out Cataclysm. I look forward to the 'new' Wow. I will have a Worgen. I'd love to be realm first 85 DK. Regardless of those, I eagerly await that sense of wonder and awe at seeing the new stuffs they give us to play with.
7. Have fun!

That's it!
Short and sweet.
It's a fun game, and I intend to continue enjoying it.
Hope you do, too!

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