Friday, April 2, 2010

Long time Comin!!!

It's been a Long Time Comin, but we finally pulled our execution of Phase 1, P2 transition, P2, P3 transition, and then P3+bonus..... and Lich King was defeated!!!

Our official guild killshot can be found here.

I certainly have some mixed feelings about the kill.
It feels great to have the Lich King down on the challenging 25-man version.
The yells of excitement and sighs of relief are what is best about 'big time' raiding. :)
However, it took a 10% buff and four weeks of wipes to do it, a few days after the top guild killed Arthas on the much more challenging heroic version. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that every fight for weeks featured breakdowns on fight mechanics that we knew all about.
On the other hand, I'm glad the fight was no pushover. It's sufficiently complex and requires tight execution, not just dps burn or funky fight mechanics. Blizzard did well in my opinion, and eventually, so did Insomnia.
Well, we're no world-beaters, but we do have a pretty solid group. I like our raid times, I like the people. We're not perfect, but we're solid raiders who enjoy working together.

On to Heroic!
And early next week I'll have a dps DK 'guide' on the Lich King up for those who are interested.
Enjoy your Easter/Passover weekend!